Höpsis Clásico is an 100% natural Heliopsis longipes (Otomi Traditional Root) extract. 
From Huasteca Potosina region in Northern Mexico.

Amazing product. I’ve used it for cuts, bites, burns, sore throat and many other things!
— Nicole
I use it for EVERYTHING!
— Pablo



Skin infections & Insect bites:


Höpsis helps control mild & severe skin infections. It works against irritation, pain or itches caused by infections or insect bites.

To help control skin infections or insect bites you should use the product twice out three times a day, directly in the affected skin area. You’ll feel relief in a timeframe of a few hours to a day.


To help control acne, the product must be applied directly in the affected area with a cotton pad before going to bed, without washing off (once a day for normal skin & twice or max. three times a day for oily skin).


Mixing Höpsis with organic olive oil provides a natural aid for reducing skin blemishes caused by sunburns or a dermatologic infections.

Apply the product directly in the desired area and scrub with your fingers, then add a drop of organic olive oil without washing. Repeat this process once a day, preferably before going to bed. The blemish will reduce and or eliminate depending on the severity and age.

natural deodorant

Apply directly in armpit area. Recommended to combine with organic coconut oil for better results.

hair growth

As an aid to recover hair and work for capilar health, apply directly in the scalp after washing hair. And massage with fingers for 5-10 seconds.

The product won't be greasy nor oily on hair.
You'll feel a freshness sensation after using.
It is important not to wash and apply in humid (not wet) hair.

stye on eyelids

To help eliminate styes in eyelids, the product must be rubbed once a day in affected area. We recommend keeping eyes closed to avoid irritation. If product comes in contact with eyes, do not get alarmed. The discomforting burning sensation will only last a few seconds.

skin fungi

To help fighting or preventing skin fungi, we recommend to apply the product directly in the affected area.
Usage is between two to three times a day (depending of the severity of the infection).


·Natural extracts are highly concentrated and should be used carefully.

·Due to its high antibacterial and antispetic properties, we wouldn't recommend its usage in children under 3 years of age nor pregnant women. (The product does NOT contain abortive properties, but it is stated as a precaution only)

·It is the user's sole responsibility to know, understand, and follow the products instructions.


·This product is not FDA-aprroved


·Corporal Use: Recommended for all skin types.
·Facial Use: Recommended for normal & oily skin types.

Refreshing, cleansing & calming.

Recyclable amber crystal bottle with sunlight protection. Spray cap for easy usage & recycled wooden caps handmade by Mexican artisans.