Handmade & natural soap, made with the ingredients of the highest quality from Mother Earth for our skin care.

Made with 100% pure Heliopsis longipes extract + Activated Charcoal + 100% pure Eucalyptus, Rosemary & Patchouli Essential Oils.

See for yourself the rarity & peculiarity of our soap, especially handcrafted for those who enjoy taking good care of their skin.

Feel the freshness & unique textures that nature offers us & like us, be inspired in FUEGO.

suitable FOR

All skin types, particularly normal & dry.

skin feel

Refreshing & hydrating.


Made from 100% sustainable & photodegradable Rock Paper.


health benefits

  • Helps relieve and prevent Acné, Eczema & impurities.

  • Promotes fairer & smoother skin.

  • Reduces pore size.

  • Treats Psoriasis.

  • Lighten age, sun or burn blemishes.

  • Helps for rashes & itching caused by insect bites.

  • Aids in preventing & relieving Dermatitis.

  • Effective treatment for skin fungi.

  • It’s anti-inflamatory properties helps to soothe the problem skin.

  • Helps regenerate healthy cells in skin.

  • Aids in removing toxins in skin & face.

  • Shields skin from UV rays to prevent skin damage, preventing premature aging.

  • Effective to disinfect small open wounds.

  • Stimulates circulation.

  • Treats dandruff & dry scalp when used as in hair.

*Ideal for any skin type

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(Mexico-wide only)